On October 31, 1980 I was violently kidnapped by a paramilitary police task force. For seven days I was savagely tortured to make me confess to non-existing crimes in the Banco Latinoamericano, BLA, of which I was the owner, in order to dispossess me of the Bank as well as of all of my personal assets and properties. All of this without the participation of a Court of Law nor any legal process whatsoever.

To accomplish this criminal plot, an anonymous complaint was forged in the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic – BCRA – and was immediately reported to the “political” authorities of the Federal Police. The objective of these tortures was to “weaken” me through extortion, and to obtain this effect they had to break me physically, morally and financially. On November 7, and thanks to a fortuitous situation, I could negotiate my own life with my kidnappers, thus saving myself from death.

The story of all the events which occurred, as well as the exhibits of all the above described, both with legal and journalistic records, was written and compiled in the book “Justice, Justice shalt thou pursue” – The Case of Eduardo Saiegh - .

On January 16, 1981, despite having three firm candidates interested in buying the BLA, and who so reported to the BCRA, among them Price Waterhouse International, the BCRA forced us, by means of extortions and life threats to all the Directors of the BLA to sign the “voluntary self-liquidation” of the Bank, to dispossess me, something that they finally accomplished according to Resolution No. 15/81 BCRA. Said resolution was later appealed and declared illegal several times by the administrative officers of the BCRA.

Nobody has ever filed a criminal action against me. Quite the opposite, I filed legal complaints against the Directors of the BCRA at that time. Besides, and this is a case absolutely unique for the legal system, the BLA after more than 27 years of extrajudicial liquidation, without a Judge in charge, has not been declared bankrupt. I have the Final Resolutions and sentences in my favor acknowledging me millionaire compensation amounts in US Dollars for damages against the BCRA.

During these 27 years of pilgrimage through the desert of injustice in Argentina, I have lived and still live the most absurd and discriminatory injustice, because while nobody has granted me any repair for my violated Human Rights, my executioner -former Vice-President of the BCRA, Alejandro Reynal-, who was indicted for Extortion in my case in 1991 by Judge Irurzun, and whose capture was requested to the Federal Police, managed to escape from it. Then in 1999 he was convicted once more by Judge Cavallo with the penalty of detention pending trial for Extortion in first degree, but he was acquitted of said conviction by the same Judge. Note that given the nature of the crime he was not entitled to this benefit, but they claimed the Theory of Human Rights! That is to say, that in our country Human Rights works for offenders and criminals but not for their victims.

This legal aberration was rounded off by the verdict of Judge B. Garzon, favorable to my pleading dated 1999, which classified the acts as “State Terrorism”, aggravated due to my Jewish condition.

Furthermore, there is a Resolution of the Secretary of Human Rights, Luis E. Duhalde, dated 2004, ratifying Garzón’s Sentence and considering this as a Crime against Humanity, characteristic of State Terrorism during the Military Process, highlighting as well all the savagery used because of my Jewish condition.

This classification as State Terrorism crimes was ratified by the Report of the Office of Treasury Attorney Mr. Osvaldo Guglielmino in 2005, mentioning that the records were complete and ready for submission to the Executive Branch (PEN), something that so far has not been accomplished because in these Human Rights matters, “some are more equal than others”.

This is what I’ve been fighting for from the very beginning: I’ve been pursuing Truth and Justice.

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